Trivia of the Day – September 7

Which of the below does NOT apply to Orange Pekoe?

Dried Cranberry Shortbread Cookies
  1. It is a tea grading term
  2. It is a black tea
  3. It is made with orange peel
  4. It was named after the royal House of Orange





Answer: 3

Orange Pekoe does not contain any orange components.  It was created to grade the size and quality of leaves.  Orange Pekoe is a black tea.


2 thoughts on “Trivia of the Day – September 7

    • Twee-tea-licious

      As I cannot disclose my recipe, let’s just say that a few who have had the Dried Cranberry Shortbreads actually comments on how much cranberries I put in the cookies! All cookies and scones can be shipped within the United States at the cost of the customer.

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