Trivia of the Day – September 19

Why was Shortbread Cookies called “shortbread”?

Dried Cranberry Shortbread Cookies
  1. Because of the amount of shortening used
  2. Because it is a cookie like a miniature bread
  3. Because it was made by accident while a baker was trying to make bread
  4. Because the making process is much shorter than making bread



Cookie Sampler Gift Box-Wrapped

Answer: 1

The name “shortbread” came from the amount of butter used.  Butter is a shortening that shortens the long protein or gluten strands formed in the dough.  The long protein strands give the dough a tough and elastic texture.  For Shortbread Cookies to be crumbly, butter is used to shorten the gluten strands.

Check out the delicious and crumbly Shortbread Cookies on the Cookies Page of


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