Fall Leaf Boston Cream Pie

This was a cake that I wished I could have had another slice before it was all gone!  This Boston Cream Pie was made for a dinner party celebrating birthdays and friendships.  Inspired by the beautiful and colorful foliage, hand made chocolate fall leaves adorn the dark chocolate ganache covered cake.

Boston Cream Pie
Chocolate Fall Leaf on Boston Cream Pie
Boston Cream Pie
Boston Cream Pie - Side View

The vanilla sponge cake was soft and spongy with a thick layer of vanilla pastry cream in between.  The chocolate ganache was a great balance to the vanilla flavored cake and cream.  I look forward to making this Boston Cream Pie again for another occasion.

If you would like to order a one of a kind cake for a special occasion or just because, feel free to email me at tweetealicious@gmail.com.  Cheers!


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