Afternoon Tea Cake

Why not make an Afternoon Tea table spread theme cake for a great afternoon tea with some friends?  That was what came to my mind when a request came for a cake for a small afternoon tea party.  I think if I were a little girl, I would have wanted to keep the miniature table setting for my next tea party play date!

The tea set came with napkins, creamer and a sugar bowl!

The tea stand is almost fully edible with the exception of the rod in the center.  It is loaded with small cakes, scones and eclairs.

The tiny rose on top of the double tier cake was made petal by petal by hand.

As for the cake?  It is a Yellow Cake with Fresh Raspberry Chocolate Ganache.  The tartness of the berries and the sweetness of the chocolate and cake was a wonderful combination which was well received by everyone at the party.


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