Gone Fishing Birthday Cake

Mabel’s older brother was about to have another birthday again.  However, this year’s birthday is more special than others.  He was also going to retire on the day of his birthday!

Mabel’s brother, I was told, liked fishing and bright colors.  Since he was about to really “gone fishing” at leisure, I thought lounging in the fishing boat would be most appropriate.

The fishing rod has the details of reel, guides under the rod, and fishing line.  (Yes, I confess I am no fishing expert and I cheated by Googling “fishing rod” to figure out these terminologies.)

Here’s the bait box with a little lady bug resting on top.

As our fisherman lounges, little animal friends are out to check him out including the fishes that are evading the fish hook!

There are also colorful and whimsical fish swimming among water plants.

This is the ultimate relaxation cake.  Happy birthday to Mabel’s brother!

If you would like a one of a kind custom-made-cake for one of your special occasions, please feel free to contact me at tweetealicious@gmail.com.  To view other cakes Twee-tea-licious has made, please go to the Cake Gallery at the top of the menu.


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