3D Smart Car Cake for a Baby Shower

Here are some pictures of the latest 3D Smart Car Cake I made for a baby shower.  A lot of work and details went into this cake.  Thanks to my husband who stood by me throughout the making of this cake and for his help in parts of the decoration.  He has become quite the cake decorator himself!

3D Smart Car Cake


4 thoughts on “3D Smart Car Cake for a Baby Shower

  1. Gia

    Gosh!!!!! Can’t believe it!!! It’s sooooooo cute!!!! What are the words beside “Best Wishes”(no need to disclose the name part:) ) I just wonder what the plate number means, lol!!!!

    Great great Job!! I missed you, though.

    • Twee-tea-licious

      Thank you! The rest of the words say: “unbehave. unplan. unstress. (unstress was crossed out on purpose) unafraid.” That company’s creative team came up with it to go along with the slogan’s of Smart Car. If you go to their official site, you will know what I mean. The license plate means “too cute to be yours” which was also the work of the creative team. They are quite clever. 🙂

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