Tudor Style Housewarming Cake

Mina had just recently moved to a Tudor style apartment building which meant  another excuse to celebrate, with a small housewarming party.

Mina’s apartment building is simply beautiful.  I’ve always loved Tudor style architecture for its details of arched doorways with small flowers on the corners, stained glass windowpanes, old fashioned lamps with beautiful iron work, and crimson colored tapestries.  To satisfy my own nostalgia for these Tudor style buildings and to give some humor to this housewarming party, I decided to make Mina’s very own Tudor style building naming it Mina’s Castle with Mina standing in the balcony welcoming her guests!

Tudor Style Housewarming Cake
Tudor Style Housewarming Cake

I had a good laughing making the cake and Mina had a hard time cutting into her beautiful castle.


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