Trivia of the Day – September 14

True or False:

White, Green, Oolong and Black tea all come from the same type of tree.





Answer: True

All White, Green, Oolong, and Black tea come from the evergreen shrub, Camellia sinensis.


Trivia of the Day – September 13

Which of the below does NOT apply to Earl Grey tea?

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  1. It was originally created by Jacksons of Piccadilly who was the first merchant to produce the tea
  2. It was originally a blended black tea
  3. It has bergamot orange oil in it
  4. It was named after the second Earl Grey


Answer: 1

Earl Grey was originally a blended black tea although today people may refer any tea blended with bergamot oil as Earl Grey.  It was name after the second Earl Grey who was the British Prime Minister in the 1830’s.  Although legend credited the creation of the tea by the Chinese as a gift to the Earl Grey, the certainty of the origin is unknown.  Jacksons of Piccadilly was the first tea merchant to produce the tea, but they did not create the tea blend.

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Trivia of the Day – September 12

What is the origin of the word “cake”?

  1. High German
  2. Danish
  3. Dutch
  4. Viking


Answer: 4

“Cake” is of Viking origin, from Old Norse “kaka” which was related to cook.

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Trivia of the Day – September 8

What is White Tea made with?

  1. A white flower of tea plant mixed with tea leaves
  2. A tea plant with white leaves
  3. Tea leaves turned white due to production process
  4. Tea leaf buds




Answer: 4

White tea is made with tea leaf buds covered in fuss that appears silverish white.  It is the most delicate of all tea and has a mild flavor.  They are mainly produced in the Fujian province of China.

Trivia of the Day – September 7

Which of the below does NOT apply to Orange Pekoe?

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  1. It is a tea grading term
  2. It is a black tea
  3. It is made with orange peel
  4. It was named after the royal House of Orange





Answer: 3

Orange Pekoe does not contain any orange components.  It was created to grade the size and quality of leaves.  Orange Pekoe is a black tea.

Trivia of the Day – September 6

Who is credited with making the tea-drinking custom popular in England?

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  1. Queen Victoria
  2. Catharine of Braganza
  3. The Duchess of Bedford
  4. Queen Elizabeth I
  5. British East India Company





Answer: 2

Catherine of Braganza, a Portuguese Infanta, was married to Charles II.  Tea was already popular in the Portuguese court.  She made tea-drinking popular as it was her prefered drink.

Trivia of the Day – September 5

Who is credited with the creation of afternoon tea?

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  1. Queen Victoria
  2. Catharine of Braganza
  3. The Duchess of Bedford
  4. Queen Elizabeth I
  5. British East India Company






Answer: 3

Anna Maria Stanhope, the Duchess of Bedford, one of Queen Victoria’s lady-in-waiting, is credited with the creation of afternoon tea.  At the time, dinner was served very late.  She asked to be served afternoon tea to tie over the hunger.

Trivia of the Day – September 2

Who is credited with the invention of tea bags?

  1. Duchess of Bedford
  2. Sir Thomas Lipton
  3. Mr. Thomas Sullivan
  4. Second Earl Grey




Answer: 3

Thomas Sullivan was a New York tea and coffee merchant during the early 1900’s.  Merchants used to send tea samples in tins.  Thomas Sullivan decided to send the samples in paper packages to cut cost.  The customers who received the sample, instead of troubling themselves with taking the tea out of the package, decided to put the entire package with paper into hot water.  Sullivan started marketing tea bags after realizing this new way of brewing tea.

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Trivia of the Day – September 1

Why was the phrase “dish of tea” used in the old times?

  1. People used to store their tea in a bowl like a dish
  2. People used to slurp tea out of the saucer dish
  3. People used to prepare tea with such delicacies as though with a dish



Answer: 2

Believe it or not, during the Victorian time, people used to pour their tea into the saucer to cool the tea and drink from the saucer dish.  During that time, the tea cups did not have handles and therefore could burn the fingers.  As a result, people would pour their tea into the saucer dish instead of holding the cup.

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Trivia of the Day – August 31

Where does the phrase “tea and sympathy” come from?

  1. People used to serve tea during the time of grief
  2. A story based on a tea shop owned by a lady named “Sympathy”
  3. A play relating to lending a sympathetic ear to a friend
  4. A music group named “Tea and Sympathy”




The answer: 3

This phrase is based on the 1953 stage play “Tea and Sympathy” by Robert Anderson.