Ringing in the New Year with an Afternoon Tea Cake

For a celebratory party, a client requested an Afternoon Tea Cake to ring in the new year.  He was so in love with the Afternoon Tea Cake that I made couple months ago that he wanted exactly the same cake!  Being that I do not like to “look back”, I made a more elaborate Afternoon Tea Cake to go with this special celebration of 2012.

The entire cake is edible with the exception of the 2 rods in the tea stands.  All the decorative pieces are made with modeling chocolate and sugar paste.

Here is the tea set with some gold lines and rims.

The napkins are made with gold borders for the new year occasion.

A tray full of colorful cookies.

A tray decked with Battenburg Cake and Swiss Roll and all of their details.

A tea stand filled with Red Velvet Cakes, Eclairs, and Cupcakes.

The other tea stand filled with multi color Petit Fours.

Trying to incorporate in the celebration of the new year, four plates are filled with oval cookies that shaped into “2012”.

Dessert plates with goodies from the tea stands and trays.

Last but not least is a three-tier cake topped with a hand-made rose set on a golden platform.

I got a text from the client next morning letting me know that the new Afternoon Tea Cake became the attraction at the party and that the guests did not want to eat the cake but to stare at it!  I was very happy to receive the news.  Happy New Year!


7 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year with an Afternoon Tea Cake

  1. cakearcade

    Amazingly intricate work… certainly a labour of love!!! I am in the process of making a life sized tea cup and saucer set, but those teeny tiny teacups and cakes are completely magical…

    • Twee-tea-licious

      Thank you! They are really cute. I would have kept it as little toys if it weren’t for a client. hehe… I had plans of making life size teapot and teacups also. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your creation.

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