Snowflake Cake

What to do with a cake for a winter celebratory event?  How about snowflakes?

Growing up in the north as a child, I remember being outside on snow days, looking up to the sky with eager anticipation for the snowflakes to drift down.  I would wait for them to land on my cloths so that I could have a few seconds of taking in the beauty of each flake before they melted.  As I got older and life got more hectic, the fascination over snowflakes gradually slipped away.

I always took it for granted that everyone knew that snowflakes were hexagons.  It was not until the snow storm of last winter that I found out  that my husband, having grown up in warm climates, had no idea that snowflakes actually had shapes!  I happily pointed out each snowflake as quickly as I could for my dear husband as we excitedly waited for the snowflakes to land on the windshield.  As we observed these snowflakes in wonderment, we were also amazed at how God took so much care in the design of something as small as a snowflake and that He created no two snowflakes alike.  Each snowflake had its own structure and variation.  The curiosity over snowflakes led me to further research and I came across this website,  I then found out there were even more shapes to snowflakes then I knew!

For the snowflake cake, each snowflake looked different from the next as it should have been.  This is just a small attempt to capture a glimpse of the beauty of God’s creation which is far better.  Here are some of the snowflakes that I piped out with chocolate.  Enjoy!

If you ever need a special custom-made cake, please contact me at  Please also check out other fun cakes I made at



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