Rabbit Birthday Cake

I made this cake for a gentleman whose Chinese zodiac sign is of the year of the Rabbit.

The rabbit and grass are made with modeling chocolate.

The cake is a banana cake with french custard filling and chocolate ganache frosting.


2 thoughts on “Rabbit Birthday Cake

  1. wilfred zheng

    I just want to know to order such a custom cake (12″), what’s the online price? How many days needed to order in advance? Pick up by self or by delivery? Thanks for response.

    • Twee-tea-licious

      Hi Wilfred, my custom-made cakes are usually charged by per serving starting at $5 per serving and minimum of $100. The price is largely affected by the complexity of the cake and the flavor requirements of the cake. Are you considering a 12″ round or a 12″ square cake as teh servings are different. Please order at least 2 weeks in advance although I may be able to squeeze in last minute orders depending on the complexity of the cake and existing orders. I can arrange either pick-up or delivery. Delivery charge does apply and the cost depends on the distance. Please feel free to email me more details at tweetealicious@gmail.com and I will be happy to quote a more specific price for you!

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