Pink Ombre Ruffle Cake

This is a pretty birthday cake for a young woman whose favorite color is pink.

Pink Ombre Ruffle Cake
Pink Ombre Ruffle Cake

Pink Ruffle Cake

Pink Ruffle Cake Side


10 thoughts on “Pink Ombre Ruffle Cake

  1. amintiridinbucatarie

    do you know something about the technique used? I would surely love to make one too 🙂
    regards, Oana

    • Twee-tea-licious

      amintiridinbucatarie, thank you for visiting my blog. I don’t think there is a specific name for the technique used here. All the decorations are made with fondant. You need to cover the cake with fondant first. You will need to color different chunk of fondant in various shades of pink. Then cut strips of each color at the same width and thin 1 edge of each strip with a modeling stick to create the ruffle effect. Brush just enough water on the un-ruffled side of the strip and then attach to the cake. I hope this helps.

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