Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cake

Ok, this may not be the most creative, but I thought it was cute to have pumpkin cake inside a Pumpkin Cake.

The cake is pumpkin cake with creamcheese frosting.

Pumpkin Cake inside a Pumpkin Cake
Pumpkin Cake

Flower Wedding Cake

This cake is for a couple who wanted a very simple and casual wedding.

Flower Wedding Cake
Flower Wedding Cake
Flower Wedding Cake – Cherry Blossom Detail
Flower Wedding Cakes – Rose Detail

Flamenco Cake

This Flamenco Cake was made for one of my dear friend’s birthday. The inspiration came from her love for dancing and her recent fashion passion for ruffles.

Flamenco Cake
Flamenco Cake – Rose Detail
Flamenco Cake-Top View
Flamenco Cake – Ruffle Detail

Table Tennis Cake

To celebrate Mr. Will Shortz’s 60th birthday, the members of the Westchester Table Tennis Center wanted a special cake for their club’s owner.  After checking some of the club’s photos, here’s the cake which I thought was very befitting for the occasion.

Table Tennis Cake
Table Tennis Cake with Wooden Floor Details
Westchester Table Tennis Center Logo Detail
Table Tennis Cake – Detail of Net
Table Tennis Cake Paddle Detail

If you would like a custom-made cake for a special occasion in the New York metropolitan area, please feel free to send inquiries to me directly at

Baby Poop Cake

You are probably wondering what this cake is all about.

Well, one of my clients requested a baby shower cake that went back to the Smart Car theme.  Since a 3D Smart Car Cake has already been made, another idea was needed.  Between my client and her fabulous creative team at Razorfish, they created a cake design based on a Twitter response that was given to one of the Smart Car USA twitter.  Here is the original Twitter response:


Taking the above idea, my client and her team came up the cake design below which was perfect for a baby shower.  I thought it was really funny and witty.  Hats off to the Razorfish team!  I had a good laugh out of it.

Here are some more detailed pictures of how I executed the cake.  All the designs and writings are done by piping.

Victorian Cake

This cake was for a birthday girl who wanted a cake to capture two things: Victorian style and wedding cake which are things I personally love.  Victorian Era reminds me of silhouettes, bows, silk draping and soft colors.  The monogram on top captures one of the current wedding cake trends.

Victorian Cake with Monogram
Victorian Cake Draping Detail
Victorian Cake Sihouette Detail
Victorian Cake

Tudor Style Housewarming Cake

Mina had just recently moved to a Tudor style apartment building which meant  another excuse to celebrate, with a small housewarming party.

Mina’s apartment building is simply beautiful.  I’ve always loved Tudor style architecture for its details of arched doorways with small flowers on the corners, stained glass windowpanes, old fashioned lamps with beautiful iron work, and crimson colored tapestries.  To satisfy my own nostalgia for these Tudor style buildings and to give some humor to this housewarming party, I decided to make Mina’s very own Tudor style building naming it Mina’s Castle with Mina standing in the balcony welcoming her guests!

Tudor Style Housewarming Cake
Tudor Style Housewarming Cake

I had a good laughing making the cake and Mina had a hard time cutting into her beautiful castle.

Red Bulls Soccer Cake

Michael was about to celebrate his fortieth birthday.  As an avid fan of the New York Red Bulls Soccer Team, one of his celebratory plans was to watch a soccer match of the New York Red Bulls with his friends.  I made this Red Bulls Soccer Cake to go with the occasion.

Red Bulls Soccer Cake
Red Bulls Logo Detail
Red Bulls Soccer Cake Side View

3D Smart Car Cake for a Baby Shower

Here are some pictures of the latest 3D Smart Car Cake I made for a baby shower.  A lot of work and details went into this cake.  Thanks to my husband who stood by me throughout the making of this cake and for his help in parts of the decoration.  He has become quite the cake decorator himself!

3D Smart Car Cake

Graduation Cake

As graduation season is upon us, this was a last minute cake made for another graduate whose school colors are maroon and gold.

Graduation Cake

The cake was a vanilla butter cake with fresh raspberry meringue buttercream, covered in fondant.